Sri Laksmi Shobane

Sri Vadhiraja Theertharu one of the most acclaimed Madhva saints is accredited to have brought the most scientific and great philosophy of  Sri Madhvacharya .

He had tremendous amounts of miraculous powers and he introduced Goddess Lakshmi Devi to the devotees in a very special way.

Once, Sri Vadhirajaru during His regular sanchaara (tour) reached a small town where the local landlord (zamindar) was conducting the wedding of his daughter. During the course of the marriage an untoward incident happened; suddenly the bridegroom died due to a snake bite.

The Landlord knowing the arrival of Sri Vadhirajaru in the town approached Him and begged Him to retrieve his daughter’s Mangalya Bhagya that was lost even before her marriage.

Sri Vadhirajaru showed pity on the landlord and instantly composed in Kannada language ‘Sri Lakshmi Shobane’ containing 112 verses describing Goddess Lakshmi’s marriage to Lord Sri Hari when she emerged out from Ksheera Saagara (ocean of milk) and this action of Sri Vaadiraajaru brought back the life of the bridegroom and the wedding took place.

Shobana means mangalakara or auspiciousness.

Goddess Lakshmi is Sarva Mangala; who is not only the Goddess of wealth; She is also capable of bestowing longevity. That was the power in the hymns of Sri Vadhirajaru and Goddess Lakshmi was obliged to revive the bridegroom.

The hymn Lakshmi Shobana is highly meritorious which is believed to enhance the marriage prospects for the unmarried and bestow upon the unmarried girls the fortune of a good husband with a long and happy married life. It is also believed to bring in peace, prosperity and auspiciousness at the home/place where it is recited.

Sri Raghavendra Stotra