Our Journey So Far

Welcome to Sri GururayarA Seva Samithi of Illinois USA (SGSS-ILUSA). Our blog page will be a collection of stories of all saints, their miracles, their journeys, and will also feature blog posts from next-generation devotees of Sri Rayaru. The goal of these posts is to share our experiences and journies, and we welcome authors and contributors who want to be a guest on our post.

Our story as a family of Rayara devotees in and around Chicago started in 2002 with a discussion on how to gather as a group and worship our beloved Guru. We started in a simple way of having the initial 12 families that agreed to host one month per family and meet to chant the Guru Ashtotra, which was preceded by Sri Vishnu Sahasranama. We started with doing aarathi after each round and completed with the host doing the final round during which we chanted the divine nama of our Guru 108 times. Little did we realize that we were chanting the full ashtotra including phalaprapthi each round. This was noticed by a parent who had come from India, and he advised us to cut the phalaprapthi from all initial rounds and keep it to the last round. We did that and kept doing the worship. This lasted for almost 16 years. During this time we had grown in terms of families and now had a large group. This is where our Guru blessed us with the optimization of the entire process, which will be the next blog post.