Shri Vadiraja Matha Sodhe

My  first introduction about a place called  “Sodhe” started around early 80 ‘s . That was the first time I heard my grandma, my parents and other elders of the family (we were in joint family until early 90’S ) talking about it one day as I returned from school . 

That day a Achar by the name Raghavendra visited our house to collect funds for putting up a generator in Sodhe , he was explaining about how difficult it for the people there in the Matha without electricity especially during the monsoon season where the rain and wind creates a havoc . With a slight blowing of wind the taluk officials would turn off the electricity. He wanted my Father to contribute some money towards the generator . He said he collects money by doing Bhajane of dasara padagula and he wanted to conduct one in our house .  

As usual we were all excited about it . He conducted it in a grand manner with lot of neighborhood people inviting themselves hearing the music .

That day onwards he was a frequent visitor to our house and started telling stories about Vadirajaru , Bhootarajaru Tapovana and miracles which had happened.  We used to be so engrossed with his stories and even today I have goosebumps while recalling the stories . He also told not all people are blessed to visit the place , only if Rajaru beckons we can go . 

 Finally one day my Father said we are all going to Sodhe , since we had enough funds towards the cost and installation of the generator . We had to deliver it and H.H Sri Vishwothama Theertha Swamigalu summonded my Father to come during installation . 

 We all started in a 15 seater van with all our family members , cousins and along with Raghavendra achar . Just before the driver started the van, (my mother has a habit of doing van puje ) Achar uttered (Vadiraja Pahimam Bhoota Raja Rakshamam.)