Yantrodharaka Hanuman Stothram


For many Sri Hanuman devotees, the significance of Yantrodharakha Hanuman Stotram is important to understand. The mode of our bhakthi is not in quesrtion, but understanding the meaning and the associated divinity will make our spiritual quest more relevant.

Sri Anjaneys is called as Mukhya-Prana-Devaru, and he is revered to be the beholder of all the air and its energies, that we all breathe every second. He is very easily pleased when we chant Sri Rama, and he arrives to bless us for the chant. Such benevolence and guruseva are what we need to seek and learn. Here is the story of how this stotram came into being. The article is a excerpt from the main article published by Smt. Srividya Guruprasad at https://madhwafestivals.wordpress.com/2016/08/03/yantrodharaka-hanuman-stothram/

Sri Vyasarajathirtharu [Vyasarayaru]  used to meditate everyday on the banks of River Tungabhadra. One day, while he was meditating He visualized an Image of Lord Hanuman. This happened only at that particular place and nowhere else. So next time, he drew that image of Hanumaan on a rock. To his surprise, a monkey came to life from the rock and jumped out of the rock and his drawing disappeared. This happened 12 times. Every time a monkey would come alive, jump out and his drawing would disappear. Finally, he drew a Yantra around the picture so that the monkey will not go out of the rock. Please see the Featured Image.  He bound the Lord Hanumaan inside the Yantra. Here the Lord Hanumaan is in sitting position inside the Yantra. This is the place where he wrote the famous Yanthroddharaka Hanuman sthothram.

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This temple is located at Hampi, Karnataka.  Just behind the Kodandarama Temple you can spot this shrine on top of the small hill.