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Weekly Astothara
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Dear Rayaru Devotees

With the blessings of Guru Rayaru we invite all of you for Rayaru Ashtothra at our house on Saturday April 11th,  2020.  Please mark your calendars for the event. Hope to see you all. 


  1. Vishnu Sahasranama

  2. Rayara Ashtotra

  3. Mantra Pushpam

  4. Prasada

All are welcome

Attire: All men will wear a Dhoti. You can bring it and change before the chanting.  

Offerings: All devotees, please do not bring fruits for naivedya, we will offer dry fruits (no peanuts) to Rayaru, and the host will bring the fruits and dry fruits.

  1. We will start at 10:30 am with an offering of “nirmalya” to Rayaru.

  2. At 10:31 am we start Sri Vishu Saharanama chanting.

  3. Once complete by 11:05 am, we will do a 1-minute Sankalpa.

  4. This is followed by the achamanam by the men. During this process, we will chant the Sri Lakshmi ashtotra prayer and Sri Yantrodharaka Anjaneya prayer.

  5. At 11:20 am we start the Rayaru ashtotra chant. During the chanting, till the eighth round, the host can do abhishekam to Rayaru vigraha, Rayaru paduka.

  6. By 12:05 pm we should be at the 10th round of the chant, during this time we recommend the host performs archane to the lord as we all chant Rayaru nama 108 times.

  7. Once the 10 rounds are completed, the host will offer “theertha” to Rayaru.

  8. Following this, we will all perform arathis to Rayaru. During this time, we will have devotees sing songs to Rayaru.

  9. This is followed by Naivedyam and chant of Dwadasha stotra

  10. The puja concludes with manglarthi to Rayaru by the host

Date & Time

April 11, 2020

10:15 AM 2:00 PM America/Chicago

Sri GururayarA Seva Samithi of Illinois USA

31 W 93 Route 58
Elgin IL 60120
United States
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Sri GururayarA Seva Samithi of Illinois USA


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