Sri Raghavendra Stotra

Guru Raghavendra (1595-1671) is one of the greatest saints of the Dvaita Siddhanta, He is considered as the incarnation of Prahladha. His early childhood was spent in Tamil Nadu and he attained Jeeva Samadhi in Manthralaya (Andhra Pradesh) in the banks of Thunga Bhadhra. Just before entering Samadhi, Guru Raghavendra told his followers that he would sit in that place where his Vrindavana would be built and they should cover him on all sides by bricks and the last brick was to be placed when he stops rotating the JapaMala. At that time, he had sent his chief disciple Appannacharya to the other side of the river, to be not emotionally attached at the minute of entering the Jeeva samadhi. Sri Appanancharya intuitively realized that his Guru was going to attain Maha Samadhi and rushed to the place to have a last glimpse. This Stotra was supposed to be composed by him when he was rushing to have a last glimpse of his Guru. He could not reach in time and was profusely weeping not being able to complete the last verse, the Guru completed the last three words of this stotra after he reached there viz “sakshee hyastotra hi” from within his Vrindavana and giving his final stamp of approval of this great prayer.

We will be explaining the Stotra in the next series of the blog posts.

Our Guru