Dhatri Homa

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Dhatri means Indian Gooseberry (Amla/Nellikai), this puja is done soon after the completion of Chaturmaasa.
We have to do the Havana under the shadow of Dhatri Vruksha (Tree).

The purpose of the puja is to show our gratitude to the Lord for bringing us into this world and providing the support for our deha (body) and energy for doing karma.

During this month, the maasa niyamaka - "Indira Damodara" has Vishesha Sannidaana in the Dhatri-Tulasi tree.
Date & Time
December 2, 2023
8:30 AM 1:00 PM America/Chicago


462 N McLean Blvd
Elgin IL 60123
United States
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