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Join us for this 6 week program 
Learning By Chanting one of the most important and sacred Stotra.

The classed will be delivered online via Zoom by Sri. Gopal Krishna Achar, a Sudha pandit and Sanskrit Scholar. 

The program covers all the aspects of traditional way of studying the slokas and mantras which include Uccharana, Padacchedanam, Anvaya, Prati Padaartha and Tatparya.

After this class, one will be able to recite the Dwadasha Sloka fluently with correct pronounciation, understand each sloka word by word and also the summary or the lesson. This will enable the participant to be in context with most of our traditions, rituals and practices.

Here below is the program schedule. Zoom limk will be sent to registrants separately a day before the start of the class.

10/24 through 10/30 ------ Daily 30 min starting @ 8:30 PM CST

11/1 through 11/27 --------------- Daily 1 Hr starting @ 8:30 PM CST

Date & Time
October 24, 2023
Start - 8:30 PM
November 27, 2023
End - 9:30 PM America/Chicago

SGSS, SRS Matha Zoom

--SGSS, SRS Matha Zoom--
--SGSS, SRS Matha Zoom--
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