Pravachana - Adhyatma Rasa Ranjani

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Madhwanavami Pravachana Series

Every day from 22nd Jan, 2023 to 29th Jan, 2023 from 8pm - 9pm CST.

Adhyatma Rasa Ranjani

All the SECRETS of Worship, are so lucidly depicted in this Wonderful Work of Sri Vishnu Thirtha.

  • How should one worship “bimba roopa parmathma”?
  • How should one perceive the all pervasive God ?
  • How should one worship God in all Place, time, object, deeds etc. and absolve himself of all punya and papa ?
  • How should one perform all his duties circumventing himself from all its results ?
  • How can one attain Peace ?
  • How can one be blessed with God’s Grace ? 

Is a bonafide scholarly masterpiece in sanskrit language by Shri Vishnu Tirtha of Madanoor in Karnataka (popularly referred to as Adavi Acharyaru).


Sri Kurnool Sinivasachar

Sri Kurnool Achar has been providing Pravachanas on various topics in his website as well as other media outlets like Facebook, Youtube and through WhatsApp, for the benefit of devotees like us.

Date & Time
January 22, 2023
Start - 8:00 PM
January 29, 2023
End - 9:00 PM America/Chicago

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