Many devotees have multiple experiences as the outcomes of performing Ashtottara at their home. We want to keep this opportunity open to everyone who is looking to host an Ashtottara and seek Sri Raghavendra Swamy’s blessings. If you want to host Ashtottara at your home, please follow these below steps:

  1.  Make the donation of $251.00 (Enter $251 in custom amount) and confirm payment. Note the payment reference number. 

  2.  Book the date using the calendar below. Please remember, the calendar is open for Saturday’s only. 

  3.  You will be asked to enter the payment reference number. 

  4.  Use the Confirm Date button to confirm your booking.

 Give SGSS 24 Hrs to create an event for you to host on the ‘Matha Events’ page, post which you can share with all your guests to have them registered.